venerdì 14 giugno 2013

Italian food experience in Shanghai

Hi everyone!
Let's continue with our food serie/review of Shanghai.
Today's let's talk about Italy.
In such a big city like Shanghai there are a lot of places pretending to serve true and authentic italian food but the risk to run into "fakes" is really high.
Luckily there are some exceptions and one of those is the restaurant "Bella Napoli". Actually the restaurants are three,managed by an italian owner with a high concern about ingredients and quality.
One of the restaurants is located in Changle lu, next to Wulumuqi lu, in a small hidden street. Warm atmosphere inside which reminds you of a typical trattoria and also a nice small area to dine outside in the warm days, brightened by candle lights in the evenings.
The menu presents a quite variety of dishes, from the appetizers to the desserts including a good choice of pizza (Naples'style), always customizable: just ask the owner and he'll do his best to fulfill your requests.
Pizza, pasta, meat and fish: great taste and conforting food.
Suggested appetizers: rice suppli served on fresh tomato sauce, the "antipasto all'italiana" including a good choice of salumi as prosciutto crudo, mortadella and salame plus mozzarella cheese, pecorino served with slices of warm focaccia (pizza base with extra virgin olive oil and salt),fried squids, fish carpaccio and seafood bruschetta.
When it comes to pasta, for fish lovers (I would say also for garlic lovers) try "Linguine ai frutti di mare", "Spaghetti alle vongole" (served in an iron pot); for a vegetarian choice "Pasta alla norma" (eggplants, tomatoes and ricotta cheese) is one of my favourites.
Main courses: again fish is highly recommended (try their "orata") and for dessert a fresh lemon sorbet.
Good food, good service, good atmosphere to be enjoyed with friends or for a romantic dinner, Lady and the Tramp style (without meatballs).

Salmon tuna and swordfish carpaccio

Seafood Bruschetta

Capellini with prawns and porcini mushrooms

Spaghetti with clams

Lemon sorbet

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  1. Grande post, devo provare!
    La cucina è anche la mia passione nei tuoi articoli si può anche vedere! Saluti

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